€ 10,000.00 in cash, the winning project will be exhibited in the area designed by Carlo Scarpa at the Querini Stampalia Foundation during the 6 months of duration of the Architecture Biennale 2023.

The award of the international architecture contest consists in the realization of a model of the entrance architecture of the winning project in a suitable scale and in exhibiting it in the prestigious Carlo Scarpa area inside the Querini Stampalia Foundation, together with the selection of the best 10 finalist projects for the entire duration of the 18. International Architecture Exhibition 2023.

  • The winning project and the 10 finalists will be published and portrayed in the official guide dedicated to the DoorScape Exhibition.
  • A cash prize worth €10,000.00 will also be awarded.
  • The project will be the protagonist of online and offline communication activities by Oikos Venezia, the Querini Stampalia Foundation and partner companies during 2023.

HAVE YOU DECIDED TO TAKE PART IN THE CONTEST? You have time until January 15, 2023