This architecture contest is promoted by Oikos Venezia and the Querini Stampalia Foundation in collaboration with the companies Adler, Iseo and Laminam.

Oikos Venezia

Oikos Venezia has been designing and manufacturing entrance doors in its factory in Gruaro, Venice for over 30 years. The company stands out for its ability to merge artisan skills and industrial organization, a peculiarity that makes it able to create unique and advanced products, being the result of a continuous and fruitful search for innovation in the tradition as well as in artistic expressions in their broadest sense. Oikos, for the first time in the world, has succeeded in conveying a due and deserved architectural value to the space dedicated to the entrance, finally considered an integral part of the living space.

Fondazione Querini Stampalia

The Querini Stampalia Foundation is a unique reality in Venice that attracts visitors and scholars from all over the world. The great architectural interventions of the twentieth century blend into the sixteenth-century building, interacting with the museum collections. The Foundation, active since 1869, pursues its mission of enhancing and disseminating culture, arts and sciences, with traditional methods, such as the well-stocked library, and in contemporary ways, such as through partnership projects in which culture and business work together.


With 670 employees, ADLER is Austria’s leading manufacturer of wood varnishes, paints, and protective coatings, and is a reliable partner to many prestigious woodworking companies, such as Oikos, with whom ADLER has been working for over 25 years. Established in 1934, the family-owned company supplies 22,000 tons of varnishes and paints annually to customers in more than 30 countries around the world. For the realization of architectural projects with wood components, ADLER offers architects and planners the most suitable tools.


ISEO has been the leading Italian multinational company in the security and access control sector for over 50 years, with headquarters in Pisogne (Brescia). It employs over 1,200 people worldwide and operates through 13 companies: it develops, manufactures and markets its products and solutions in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South Africa and South America.
Today ISEO brings the value of security in a new dimension: that of freedom of movement, through the concept of ULTIMATE ACCESS TECHNOLOGIES TO UNLOCK YOUR FREEDOM TO MOVE. The most advanced access technologies to open up freedom of movement.


Laminam was established in the early 2000s, following the invention of production technologies to create ultra-thin ceramic surfaces of large dimensions that revolutionized the ceramic market. Today, Laminam manufactures and offers a range of eclectic and versatile large ceramic surfaces used in many applications, from traditional and advanced architecture to furniture and design.