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How do I take part in the DoorScape contest?

To take part in the contest, you need to fill in the form in the menu section and click on "Take part" and then send the required materials to by January 15, 2023.

Is a registration fee required?

No, the contest is free and open.

Who can take part in the DoorScape contest?

The competition is open to architects, engineers, designers, creative people and students of architecture.

Is it possible to take part submitting several projects?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to take part submitting several projects under the same name.

Which is the deadline for submitting the project? Will there be any extensions?

The deadline is written in the notice and specifications and on the website on the calendar page. There will be no extensions.
All projects delivered after this deadline will not be considered, as specified in the official notice.

Participants are required to design an architectural Entrance space whose context relates to a specific place?

The project does not have to be geolocated in a real context; it is the participant's choice to identify the place to be narrated. The evaluation of the project focuses on the development of the entrance architecture and its dialogue with the interior space and the exterior space that respectively precedes and follows the access to the inhabited place (see article 02 of the contest notice).

Does the residential structure/housing need to relate to an existing project or can it be a conceptual space?

The design space may refer to either an architecture related to a residential building of one's choice or an area that does not have to be actually existing. The focus of the DoorScape contest will be on the design space dedicated to the entrance (indoor/outdoor).

Does the design area cover only the entrance space or should it cover the entire residing building?

We suggest focusing only on the entrance space, then if for completeness of vision you wish to extend the design area there is no problem; however, please be aware that the focus will be primarily on the space dedicated to the entrance.

In what format shall the project be submitted?

Regarding the material to be submitted, there are no constraints; the design shall be presented in an appropriate scale, but such material is in any case at the discretion of the participant. The format of the board should be preferably A1.

How many people can sign up per team?

The team will consist of a group leader and up to four other participants, for a total of five people.

In the maximum design area of 300 square meters what should be included?

The project must provide both an internal space and external one with respect to the main entrance, where the largest space shall not exceed 2/3 of the entire area.