Design contest "the Space beyond the Threshold"

The architectural space of the entrance is a valuable design area in which the threshold takes on a multifaceted meaning and becomes a place. A domestic place that connects and unites but at the same time separates and protects, crosses meanings that become cultural connotations of a tradition, a society or a historical moment.

The participants to the contest will be requested to design an entrance space that can deal with the different themes that concern the access to a place for domestic use in its multiple meanings: cultural, functional, and formal.

Which new meaning can be conveyed to the entrance space? Does this space really create a marking off line? What does this Space beyond the Threshold express?

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This architecture competitions is free and open to architects, engineers, designers, creative people, and students of architecture. Preferential titles are a degree in architecture and having practiced the profession.


The space that precedes and immediately follows the entrance door becomes an expression of local cultural traditions; in fact, it has always played an important role in every dwelling culture, combining the aspect of welcoming and providing protection from the outside. The entrance is a peculiarity of a tradition that expresses local customs and traditions through functions, symbols and customs of a lively environment.


The entrance becomes a space where technical and aesthetic innovation are on a par with the other rooms in the house, allowing to show how a safety door can be integrated into the furniture and represent not only a separation and division, but also an opening and welcoming element.


The entrance space, given its deep meaning related to the theme of the “passage” between different places, is a complex architectural element, where every aspect – from the position of the door, to the shape of the threshold, to the structure of the ceilings – conveys specific formal features.


Oikos Venezia and the Querini Stampalia Foundation are inviting designers to conceive an architectural element to be used as home entrance that goes beyond conventions and experiments with an approach capable of reading the multiple meanings enclosed in the invisible veil of the threshold .

To meet this ambitious demand, the jury selected for the international entrance architecture contest goes beyond the tradition of the pool of industry experts. High-profile professionals from a variety of fields are called upon:
Michele De Lucchi & AMDL Circle
Donatella Calabi
City Historian
Alessandra Chemollo
Emanuele Coccia
Luciano Giubbilei
Garden and landscape designer
Eugenia Morpurgo
Researching Designer


MARCH 2022
contest start
15 JANUARY 2023
closing date for registration and delivery of materials
1 MARCH 2023
selection of the winner
MAY 2023
award ceremony and dedicated exhibition inauguration
closing exhibition